Henrique Steyer, the architect from Albus Design in Porto Alegre recently completed a new furniture showroom for FLORENSE, in the city of Teresina. The 8600 sq.ft (800 m²) store was given an Brazilian personality. “The time has come to seize what’s ours and paint our houses with our paints. If we sing our song, everyone will want to dance to it. Thus arises this decor inspired in a chic and bold Brazil“, the architect stated.

As you enter the store, a great chandelier in French style, created using rubber leftovers from truck tires, greets visitors. Local artisans and artists where recruited to craft unique pieces designed by me. All the culture of the state of Piauí is portrayed in this store, as seen through the eyes of a professional outsider drawing attention to the local art. The distinct colors and finishes of the furniture are highlighted by the tongue-in-cheek decor, done sometimes with rubber ducks and Leite de Rosas (a popular and traditional Brazilian cosmetic), and sometimes with 19th century French porcelain.

The architect’s signed furniture pieces, inspired in Brazilian fauna, also emphasize the concept, with the monkey-shaped yellow table. For those who visit this store, the message is clear: More than ever, Brazil is in fashion. Let yourself be drawn in and become a part of this world! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Henrique Steyer]