Recreating classic art and making use of creativity and …well, the popular LEGO bricks unfolds our recent finding. We’ve discovered on design-milk a young and talented Italian designer, Marco Sodano, who, inspired by the majestic art of the classics, decided to recreate a couple of their iconic masterpieces.  The unconventional method implied creating digital pixilated art using corresponding coloured LEGOs. His startling collection comprises two works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa and Lady with an Ermine and one of Johannes Vermeer, Girl With A Pearl. The LEGO interpretations look really cool and stimulate the imagination of children, encouraging them to “build” their own dreams and cultivate their creativity.

The concept behind Sodano’s collection is simple: “all children are authentic artists with LEGO”. In a world where blending in becomes more important than standing out, Marco Sodano’s idea stands for making things possible and discovering the true (creative) potential of a person. Just like great artists, who create unconditionally amazing artworks using nothing but their imagination, LEGO encourages kids to “play on” and build whatever they want and comes into their head.