Displaying an imposing modern silhouette along the top of a ridge overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan, USA, the M-22 House was inspired by “the sense of discovery felt while ascending the back of the ridge to the views revealed once at the top“. When developing the plans for this imposing residential building in concrete, steel, glass and composite siding, Michael Fitzhugh Architect left nothing to chance. The result is a sustainable home that elegantly blends function, comfort and aesthetics.

The interiors exhibit a surprising design, with the double-height living room being the most spectacular. According to the architects, the project (initially discovered by Freshome on Design Milk) comes with “an innovative geothermal heating and cooling system along with its own hydroelectric power generator which uses rainwater, geothermal water and gravity to generate power for the house. This is a truly unique structure and is a model for future sustainable design and construction methods“. Hope you guys will find the photos below inspiring!