This lighting project began its first developments in Spring of 2011 when the owner of e3light, Flemming Viktor Andersen, was making a total renovation of his house situated by the beautiful Egaa Marina in Denmark. The owner had only the highest demands with lighting in his private home. However, he discovered that intelligent light solutions for his bedroom and closets were both a technical and time-consuming challenge. He realized that light should automatically respond to one’s actions and needs. e3light therefore began developing an intelligent commercial product designed to support the convenience of a modern life style.

The concept of combining a light and motion sensor with LED strip lighting was brought to life based on the fact that many people need to get up at night and either turn on a very bright light and wake their sleeping partner, or risk walking in the dark across the room in search for the door. The many benefits of such a light began to surface quickly. Parents of small children would love this product for the added security it provides. People needing to visit the bathroom in the night can be assured that their room will be warmly illuminated when they get out of bed. e3light later developed an additional closet light product that turns on light in your closet when opening the closet door. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by e3light]