The successful collaboration between designer Anna Kobylka from studios Kolorama and Olga Sietnicka of Bloogarden led to the development of the colorful Cafein Bistro in Poland. Inspiring a joyful and laid-back atmosphere, this new and unconventional bistro displays an easily-recognizable design, one that seems perfectly tailored to bohemian personalities. While the walls and floors were painted in pastel tones of light green, blue and yellow, the space also exhibits more daring hues, ranging from marine blue to magenta.

Retro armchairs and stools-each of them individualized by color- contribute to the overall relaxed feel. The place is structured on two floors with different intimacy levels, access to the second floor being provided by a custom made staircase. Our favorite is the bar zone with generously-sized windows allowing visitors to enjoy meals while casually observing passersby. This is definitely the type of place where one can escape, our idea of a perfect lunch break.