V2 House by 3LHD Architects is a highly modern addition to the picturesque seashore in Dubrovnik, Croatia. With its simple geometry and white profile, the residence contrasts the architecture of the surrounding buildings, reaffirming the worldwide development of the contemporary-minimalist style. Adapted to the irregular terrain, V2 House showcases an elongated shape, with various protuberances facilitating room elongations and the existence of terraces with spectacular views.

The only elements that seem to pay tribute to its location and local architecture are stone and wood finishes. Its distinct personality on the outside is partially brought indoors, as floor to ceiling windows allow amazing views of the deck, swimming pool and Adriatic Sea beyond. With wood employed throughout, each of the rooms emanates an inviting feel, worthy of a holiday retreat in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Minimalist furniture arrangements fool the eye and project inhabitants into the magical surrounding landscape. [Photography: Marko Ercegovic]