In recent times, Dutch design furniture has been heavily focused on creating eco-friendly designs while using sustainable materials. The Bamboo Chair follows this trend. Using long-established Asian plaiting methods in combination with modern Dutch design techniques, designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen were able to create a chair that is made 100% from bamboo, displaying a refined look.

Utilizing strips of bamboo 25cm by 10mm that are arched to create the main frame, the Bamboo chair is similar to the typical tub-chairs found on cruise ships. This project was designed to create a beautiful, comfortable, and more importantly a sustainable chair. The lightweight and sturdiness of this design are key aspects that make it unique. The final prototyping and production of the bamboo chair (available in limited edition) was sponsored by Dutch Design Only. [information provided via e-mail by Dutch Design Only; Photo Credits: Guillaume Favre]