An inspiring calendar design, from a young talented Italian artist and a final year student of Architecture, GianMarco Pollaci, presented one of his latest works, a vivid and colourful outcome indeed. A source of inspiration for the year to come, Shapes Calendar 2014 portrays each month in a cheerful manner, highlighting “the power” of geometry. As you can see, the execution is rather simple but the combination of colours and the unique exposure of shapes can transform a common item into an inspiring creation. Pollaci’s calendar represents a wonderful way to add texture and a sense of playfulness to any environment, no matter if we’re talking about the office, living room, kitchen, bedroom or the lounge area. 

Unlike many dull calendars, this wall accessory will definitely become very dear to you and won’t pass unnoticed. Each of its twelve pages looks wonderful, emphasising a unique concept and mix of colours. If you lack creativity, this might be an interesting way to recharge yourself with ideas. Just explore the playful lines, circles, triangles and many others frisky shapes and let yourself inspired!