This massive 5,300 square foot contemporary residence in San Diego, California, USA was envisioned by architect Jonathan Segal as a solid concrete building with plenty of openings maximizing communication with the outdoors: “Due to the unusually small property in an area with typical properties three to four times the size, every square foot was important. The exterior room was a key element in creating a home that otherwise would have felt small, to feel larger and more private than it is. While this space creates a void, the overall form of the building is kept intact”.

Different from every standpoint, the Cresta Residence by Jonathan Segal offers an original living experience to say the least. Its clean lines and minimalist interior design approach go hand in hand with modern comfort and subtle opulence. Sustainability was a key factor in the development process, with the roof solar panels and other ingenious systems supplying nearly 100% of the overall needed power.