This beautiful and welcoming wooden villa located in Sweden and found on Skeppsholmen features harmonious divisions between private and social areas. It includes offices, several bedrooms, upper floor mezzanine and has many large windows, creating a perfect symbiosis of wood and glass. The sunrays spread into almost all the space through the floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a distinctive appearance and a peaceful atmosphere. One of the eye-catching elements is the pine facade, which adds a touch of mystery and uniqueness.

Additionally, the interior design is minimalist and chic, featuring different honey hues that add warmth. Every little detail was carefully considered in order to create an airiness which is typical for Swedish homes and to highlight the furniture. The result is impressive: a home that is sophisticated and cosy at the same time. The façade of the house seems to blend with the surroundings, adding a sense of freedom and relaxation. This is the ideal place where anyone can enjoy nature and peace as almost each window frames a different view of the green garden.