With a sleek and innovative angle design, Saidoka is the ultimate iPhone-charging dock and one of the most interesting products of its kind we’ve seen lately on the market. A trustful companion, the stylish dock designed by Bluelounge plugs into the USB port of your computer or adapter to charge your phone as you work. Saidoka responds to your needs: the subtle angle allows you to access easily the incoming notifications (you can even text much simpler) while keeping your phone docked. With a soft rubber lining, this desk accessory complements the iPhone’s simple, yet elegant design. The good thing about it? It’s always close to your keyboard, so you never miss a call or text.

“The bottom of Saidoka features micro-suction rails to grip smooth surfaces without the use of a sticky adhesive allowing you to dock and undock your phone with ease. High-tech Japanese micro-suction uses tiny suction cups to hold Saidoka firmly in place and allows you to reposition again and again without leaving residue behind.” Both available in black and white, this cool accessory is very pleasant to the eye and matches the Apple design perfectly .