La Maison Favart Hotel borrows its name from the famous FAVART couple, founders of the Comic Opera in Paris. According to the designers, a visit here will transport you into their world, “immersed in an exciting, surprising 18th century Parisian decor; you will discover a theatrical jewel-box, rich in detail yet discreet, in the very heart of Paris“. Architects Atelier Jean-Luc Bras in collaboration with Exclusive Interiors reinvented this beautiful building dating back to 1824, while preserving its historical spirit.

Each interior has its own personality, originally developed using an impressive array of fabrics, textures and colors: “A new angle on a classic 18th century style, with fine-striped heavy curtains, where rich reds blend with chocolate; where memories of journeys dot the fine decor of the House. Every glance reveals another secret or an anecdote from the life of Monsieur and Madame Favart“. The most appealing interior of the hotel is probably the relaxation bath, with its cascades and hypnotizing mirrors.