When planning the Box House in Brasilia, the architects at 1:1 arquitetura:design mainly aimed for a “new way to occupy space and form”. The result is a compact and welcoming home, displaying a simple rectangular geometry: “The main volume was created as a concrete box, with enough personality; the entries of the box are marked with a rusty steel form. Inside the building we used a fun mix of textures, colors and Brazilian design furniture from Marcus Ferreira, Paulo Alves and Aristeu Pires”, explained the project developers.

All interiors are filled with personality and let out an overall sense of comfort and serenity. The neutral color finishes were also brought inside for a harmonious uniformity, yet here they are remarkably complemented by creative patterns and bold decorative items. The living zone connects with the courtyard through floor to ceiling glass doors, allowing fresh air and plenty of natural light inside when needed.  [Photos by: Cesar Edgard]