Ultra Architects designed this timber-clad monolithic shell house in north-west Poland, to blend with the surrounding site. The three-storey residence, named Seaside House, is located near the waters of the Baltic Sea, behind the stretch of sand. Besieged by pine trees and greenery and built on the exact footprint of a demolished old dwelling, the new structure boasts a simple, clean-lined exterior and features three levels. Built to resist severe weather conditions, the construction looks very compact and tight.

“The building’s structure was designed as a monolithic shell made of reinforced concrete. This kind of construction secures safety, geometric stability and tightness. It also let us use a structural material as a natural finishing of interiors.” The ground floor, accommodating a spacious gorgeously decorated living room and the kitchen, is intended for daily activities. A compact wooden terrace completes the décor. Bedrooms and baths are located at the second floor, while the first floor comprises the entertaining area. The interior’s grey concrete roughness was softened with splashes of white and warm natural wood floors.