RES4 designed the second home of a young mother and her son who live in Manhattan, nearby the lake, away from the city rush, a pavilion-like house. The brand new Lake Iosco, sited in Bloomingdale (New Jersey), brings down Manhattan pressure to enrich life with full openness and all out fabled comfort. The two-storey rectangular-shaped haven (envisioned as a “pavilion”, not a “cave” – like the family’s old house) was built as close to the lake as laws permitted. Having north-south orientation and deck to the east and west, this veritable pavilion of light takes pride into a surreal exposure to both sunrise and sunset, everyday.  “The specific lot is located adjacent to the lake’s concrete dam that forms a water-spill creating a creek to the south. The approach weaves through the woods along a narrow road, terminating in a gently sloped drive and polycarbonate carport that frames a view of the lake upon arrival.”

The contemporary architecture of the refuge is comprised of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms accompanied by a carport, study, playroom and lakefront deck. Within the centre of the plan, at ground floor, one can find the kitchen with the living room on one side and the dining area to the other. Major appliances are concealed away beneath the countertop, ensuring an airy and open setting. Sun is integrated all through, being defused in the most playful manner, with the use of acrylic cylinders, polycarbonate carport, 2×2 cedar slats and reflections off the water neatly captured within.