Interior designer Cristina Bordoiu sent us images of her new apartment in Arad, Romania, which she envisioned and developed around a central biking&nature theme. We asked for the story behind the design and were happy to receive a description filled with enthusiasm and positive vibes: “I once saw an image on the Internet with a bicycle embedded in a bathroom interior, which I liked very much. That was when I promised myself I would apply this … my way. The best place for this turned out to be my own home, a crib meant to evoke the joy of a bike ride in the middle of nature“.

The chromatic choice were thus strictly connected to experiencing nature: beige, brown, green, suggesting the feel of sand, soil and vegetation, together with more vibrant accents found in the decorating units. Designing this small apartment so that it would suit the needs of a young couple was a big challenge for Cristina, one that she achieved brilliantly. All furniture was entirely custom made. The (open) bedroom was adapted to the overall theme, offering the inhabitants the feeling of sleeping “as close to nature” as possible. Most of the storage spaces were cleverly hidden for a clutter-free living space. [Information provided by designer Cristina Bordoiu; Photos by Sorin Popa , initially published in Casa si Gradina magazine]