The Running Wall residence in Kerala, India by LIJO RENY Architects is built more as a fort house that reminds us of the Great Wall of China. The residence looks more as a stone wall that extends towards the yard and continues all the way to the building. This contemporary house explores the potential of spatial diversity and features different volumes, which make it very interesting and eye-catching.

The indoor-outdoor relationship,  the voids in the wall and the combined materials complement the beauty of this house and add a touch of mystery. Ingeniously created, the building gives the impression of fluidity.  The dining and the living rooms open out into a beautiful landscape, while the kitchen expands into a landscaped yard. The house has minimal decoration, features vaulted ceiling, wooden flooring and an internal pool that leads up to the living and dining rooms. Ferns, banana and other tropical plants can be spotted in the internal court, near the stairs and at the upper level.