We recently received an e-mail from Miles Kemp, presenting us a new way to create virtual reality models you can walk in using your own 3D design files. Spacemaker VR allows designers and architects everywhere to feel what it’s like walking through their designs throughout the design process. Spacemaker was made for traveling, using as an everyday design tool, and giving jaw-dropping presentations to clients and friends. This software works with your existing design software and makes it easy to export your 3d design files into immersive experiences.

The project takes the best features of a full walking VR system and shrinks them down into an affordable and portable package that you can fit in your backpack! The Spacemaker takes advantage of low cost/high quality head mounted displays (HMD) designed for video games. For architects and designers, the idea can lead to fantastic presentations: “It’s easy for everyone in the room to have the same conversation while someone walks around inside a space. The person wearing the HMD will see in stereo 3d while everyone else can see in beautiful seamless monoview“, explained Miles Kemp. Check out the video below for an elaborate presentation and feel free to support the project on Kickstarter!