A beautifully crafted addition to the city of steel, the Emerald Floating Glass House is one of those houses that cannot simply pass un-noticed. “Located on Pittsburgh’s South Side slopes, it floats above the owner’s glass manufacturing facility like a foreman’s shack”. Imposing and uncanny, the house built on top of the Emerald Art Glass factory by  FISHER ARCHitecture was completed in 2011. The decision to embark on a trip away from traditional homes came naturally. The owners, a couple that actually had the courage to make the plans for their “almost impossible” dream house, explained that all they wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet and since they owned little space behind their factory, building it on top of it seemed the most convenient decision. Highlights from glass products are incorporated perfectly, to celebrate the owner’s craftsmanship. Industrial style design and homelier elements make the dwelling quite appealing and growing from the hillside, the impressive cantilever forms the top floor of the four-storey house.

Respecting the environment, the architects learnt to reuse the space available for best use, finding value in any remaining room. Thereafter, the unused space above the factory warehouse, located in a very dense urban landscape resulted in the recycling of the area. Apart from that, geothermal well-generated forced air only comes as completing factor to the heated floors and glass.