Completed by Leicht in Ahlen, Germany, this private two-storey modern private house displays a distinctive interior, highlighting the clear contrast of black and white, in order to achieve an interesting effect. This combination is widely spread in nature, being well defined and tangible. It appears structured, clean and last, but not least, balanced. In this particular case, the team responsible with the project, architects and designers from Leicht studio, used white as a basis, with corresponding highlights in the contrasting colour. The ground level accommodates the living room, the dining area and the kitchen – in other words, an open plan living space, well-lit and uncluttered.

The entire level opens up the surrounding site. Floor-to-ceiling glass panel windows frame the exterior world, “bringing” it closer to you. The exclusive kitchen furniture (sleek and dashing), all shiny and minimalist, adds a touch of value to any interior. The same palette of colours (black and white) was used to complement this particular area of the house and to keep, of course, the contrast “alive”. The upper floor shelters the master bedroom. With the best views in the house, this is the perfect spot from which you can fully appreciate the breathtaking setting!