A cozy three-level compact loft in the centre of Paris is always a good idea! Undoubtably, the libertine arty souls will appreciate even more the comfort and the warmth of this compact dwelling, for it was previously “a temple” dedicated to creativity. In other words, an artist’s workshop has been transformed into a very coquette small apartment without discharging the bohemian scent which happened to encompass the interior. It still does. The pretentiously artistic living space is the work of a Paris-based firm, NZI Architectes.

Due to the limited amount of space, the architects had to find practical solution: the kitchen and the dining room remained downstairs, the living room, was subtly raised above the ground floor with a couple of centimetres, while the sleeping zone and the office were placed in “a glass house”, on top of the dining room. Exposed bricks create that raw,”unfinished look”, widely spread in the city of Paris. The furniture’s smart design serves to different functions: for instance the kitchen cabinet is also a staircase. Design elements blend together harmoniously forming a cozy and uncluttered living space.