Displaying unique features, from urban works of art to creative light installations, the live-in kitchen concept designed by  Lisiane Scardoelli and João Pedro Crescente for the interior design exhibit Mostra Casa & Cia 2013 is not for everybody (unless you enjoy experiments and creativity when it comes to design, “don’t try this at home”). We’ve seen plenty of artistic homes integrating eclectic elements of décor but we’ve rarely seen a kitchen so eccentric! To start with, the space is defined by two volumes.“The dark gray volume is a monolith which when subtracted brings out some of its functions such as appliances, seating area and the service entrance of the apartment. The silver volume rises like a floating body that extends throughout the room and metal surfaces add lightness and a daring character to the space.”

The kitchen has two entrances, one embossed through a bar and the other envisioned as a tunnel built directly into the furniture. All the kitchen equipment is carefully arranged and fun elements are randomly displayed throughout the kitchen area. “The seating area was highlighted through the use of LED lighting and neon art. As a complement a striking contemporary canvas  by artist Lou Borghetti can be found near the entrance.”