This beautiful and picturesque seaside house  is located on the Lopez Island, Washington. Designed by Graham Baba Architects, the property is very connected to its location (mirroring that harbour-like atmosphere, especially when inside). To clearly reflect the local character, natural materials such as local fieldstone or exposed wood were used to ascertain the house’s historic-traditional look. Ravishing in the sun’s gentle light, this dream-like dwelling offers  some of the best views of the San Juan Island region. The exposed stone façade as well as other architectural elements that define the Lopez Island residence reinforce the Pacific Northwest locale.

Everything about it is amazing: from the cute traditional exterior, to the eclectic interior where several styles blend harmonically. “In keeping with GBA’s practice of employing reused and sustainable materials, metal destined for the dump has been reclaimed to form the divider between kitchen and dining space, and beautifully weathered Australian gumwood from Sydney Harbor’s wharves has been repurposed as exposed trusses within the house.” The interior is very original (modern meets traditional, rust meets lacquered surfaces.