Mimosa Road was recently completed in Singapore by the creative team at Park + Associates. The daring residential complex aimed to “capture modern design through clean straight lines and massive forms compensated by meticulous and creative selection of materials to keep a warm rustic touch to the feel of the house. One of these materials is burnt orange brick that evokes the history of the original house having exposed bricks all throughout“, the architects asserted.

The building consists of several volumes, surrounded by generously-sized outdoor areas. Extensive glazing allows unobstructed views from each room.  The core of Mimosa Road house is a double-height living interior, connected to the terrace and swimming pool on one side and to the dining room on the other. Lighting is ensured by imposing chandeliers and modern wall spots. The overwhelming scape of the project is slightly mellowed by the use of wood, brick and inspiring decorating items. [Photography: Edward Hendricks]