The honeycomb shelves, recently discovered on a beautiful mess, are  funny sympathetic shelving units for a DIY project which will add a sense of texture to any living room. To those of you who spend their time thinking how to innovate their interiors, this is actually a very nice idea that can be easily put in practice and bring a “natural” buzz. This will not only fill the free space on your wall, but also bring a smile on your face whenever seeing it. Here you can find out more about the steps to craft your own “bee-friendly” shelf.

In case you wonder about the practical aspect, you might already know that the hexagonal design is the sturdiest building block from nature. This ingenious storage space is a good way to express your personality: you can stock collectables or antiques, exhibit your “art” or let your flowers bloom within the “hive”. Starting from a standard three-comb shelf you can add as many “rooms” as you’ll like. Feel free, open your imagination while combining items in the most playful manner!