The recently renovated St Mary’s Infant School located in Oxfordshire, England puts value on warmth and friendliness.  Jessop and Cook Architects, an Oxford-based architecture studio carefully committed to innovation and quality, brings design to a whole new level. Forget about the dull rectangular school buildings that lack personality and enter into a playful space with an identity of its own. Three new offset elements totally transform it, from regular to impressive. “They reflect the form and multiple pitched roofs of the main school in a playful manner, breaking up the linear aspect of the site and creating an enclosed secret garden.” The kids can finally learn while playing in a neat and playful environment.

The first element consists of the buff brick main classroom, the second of an additional teaching space and amenities, and the third of the cedar clad external covered play area accessed by a set of bi-fold doors to link the class and play space.” Each section of the building has a different function. The “detail” that connects them all is the fresh layout. [Photo credit: Nikhilesh Haval ]