Yuko Nagayama & Associates in collaboration with landscape designer Toshiya Ogino envisioned this outstanding open space showroom in Kobe, Japan, for the leatherwear company Sisii. Its particularity consists in displaying the clothing items, “randomly” hanging from a metallic support placed strategically near the interior gardens. At Sisii’s one can admire jackets and handbags while walking through the gardens and friendly consultants are always ready to offer support tailor made to the needs of the clients. Yuko Nagayama breaks the rules of design, creating a totally unconventional space. She manages to literally bring the nature inside and make the people visiting the showroom feel relaxed in an environment that encourages that.

“The unusual space is defined by a raised steel platform. Mirrored walls at the back expand the showroom visually while concealing a storage area. The elevated floor acts as an auxiliary workspace while defining the functional zones. Folding or cutting into the plate enabled Nagayama to designate distinct seating areas as well as several small gardens made by Ogino from local rocks, plants, and trees.” Due to the “collection” of plants and trees that constantly need light, the showroom has to be illuminated 24/7.