Unconventionally built, the Ululi Ulula suspension lamp by Matteo Ugolini, takes you back to nature and closer to humanity. This beautiful and inspiring lamp creates the effect of our floating planet in the universe due to its structure in white painted fiberglass with lace inserts. By simply looking at it, you are transported to another time. And when you turn the light on, the visual impact is huge: the warm light creates emotion, magic and an undefined, but peaceful feeling.

Your room instantly becomes the ideal place to relax, meditate and dream of far-away places. The smooth lines of the lamp and the different materials it integrates add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness, enhancing its earthy style and making this piece a beauty in itself. The message beyond this beautiful lighting object is deeper, encouraging us to meditate and reconnect to nature and universe, decide how we’ll approach our personal journey in the infinite space. It is surprising how with a single object, you room becomes a new and special “universe” that gives you so much power to dream and so much freedom to relax.