A modern single family house located in the middle of the wilderness is, sometimes, all we need to disconnect from a hectic (and toxic) lifestyle. No longer tightly connected to nature, the modern man is overwhelmed by the city’s pressure, exploring the fields of an unknown territory, that of stress and a life that does not allow him to live “properly”. House Katrina is only 20 minutes away from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Located in the heart of nature, in immediate vicinity of the city, the beautiful residence, boasting modern finishings and a stylish interior, is a response to the exhausting urban lifestyle. The project was designed by Multiplan Arhitekti, to meet the expectations of the clients, which no longer felt comfortable surrounded by noise and concrete and decided to move in a more peaceful (and healthy) environment.

Undoubtedly, the construction, located at almost 700 meters above sea level, is nothing but spectacular. Immersing subtly into nature, it offers superb panoramic views and it confers tranquility and comfort. The top floor accommodates the living room (equipped with a wide terrace), which offers unobstructed views of the surrounded site.  Bedrooms are located at the ground floor. Breezy and modern, House Katrina integrates natural wood finishings which convey a feeling of closeness to nature.