The Spanish firm terceroderecha arquitectos redesigned the house of a family in Silleda, Spain and transformed it into a comfortable and balanced living environment. The client’s request was to integrate it seamlessly into the surrounding site and not simply rebuild it from scratch in a modern manner, but establishing a dialogue between the past and present. He wanted to keep the street’s charm intact. The team’s approach to this project implied “a free and unique interpretation of the present and the past, striking an imaginative balance between bygone days and modern times. The personality of the existing buildings is maintained, clearly distinguishing the old from the new by means of a markedly contemporary construction.”

One of the assets is definitely the courtyard, envisioned as the central element around which the house functions. Each room opens up to the outdoor space. A sufficient amount of light bathes the rooms. The windows, floor-to-ceiling panels of glass, connect the environments. The interior is dominated by the persistence of white: the walls are white, the furniture, the kitchen, the stairs, even the bedroom.