The luxury brand, THG-Paris has created together with Christofle, a leader in French silver and decorative arts, an elegant contemporary collection of luxury faucets and taps named “O”. These gorgeous accessories were inspired by Andrée Putman’s “Vertigo”, designed for Christofle, back in 2002.  “O” is a statement of pure art, being more than just an act of vanity dedicated to those who want to spend their money on luxury items. Sculptural design meets timeless curves, which reflect the elegant movement of the water, giving birth to this unique collection composed of contemporary artistic expressions, transcending modernism with a minimalist flair.

“As the stylistic centerpiece of the collection, the famous ring designed by the Late Andrée Putman for Christofle in 2002 embodies modern luxury in brilliant silver. Mimicking a wavelike appearance, the ring is neither round, nor oblong, but possesses a rounded effect that changes shape depending on perspective.” Each piece comes with chrome, nickel (polished or matte), silver rhodium or gold finishes. Sophisticated and exclusive, “O” embodies the idea of jewellery and brings it to your bathroom.