Reinier de Jong is a Dutch designer who likes to keep things simple and elegant. He believes his projects should be strong enough to go without explanation and this small bookcase design definitely speaks for itself. Nevertheless, the story behind REK bookcase jr. goes like this: “Despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps, my two-year-old son is very fond of his little books. Of course they were left all over the place and the box which contained the books was regularly turned upside down. So I decided it was time for his own shelves“.

“Of course I didn’t need to think for too long about a children’s bookcase. For my son’s second birthday I made REK bookcase junior, a scaled-down version of REK bookcase. Like the original REK the five parts can be pushed in or pulled out to position them according to the space he needs. It can grow with his book collection“, explained the designer. REK jr. is entirely made of poplar plywood. Poplar is not only a lightweight material but very eco-friendly (it grows quickly and is harvested from responsibly managed forests in Europe) and 100% biodegradable. The wood is finished with an organic linseed oil wax. [Photos and information provided via e-mai by Reinier de Jong Architecture & Design]