VIK Lounge Chair is a gorgeous project designed by Arian Brekveld for the Dutch design company Spectrum. A light metallic pipe frame supports its comfortable seat made of leather or fabric. The backrest and the headrest are both adjustable keeping your body into a permanent reclined position – reminding us of a car seat and it characteristic comfort. It’s clearly that the main purpose of the chair is to pamper and make you feel as comfortable as possible while sitting. “Car seats are always comfortable. They are beautifully made, the materials are used in a clever way and, although they are small, they provide a lot of comfort! I wanted to translate those qualities in my design.”

The interior of each VIK is made of foam and hand-crafted in several layers. With elegant contours, high quality fabrics and a palette of nine colours to choose from, this particularly interesting armchair might represent a good way to bring a freshened perspective to any room. Do you like it? Does it fit your personality?