Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. When BETILLON / DORVAL?BORY, an architecture office based in Paris, took the project understood that the main problem was not the lack of space but the lack of light. In order to provide a decent living environment, the team responsible had to come quickly with a smart lighting solution. The transformation began. The most difficult part of this process of renewal was studying several light sources and their functional aspect. From the very beginning, the idea was explore from an objective and scientific point of view the spectral qualities of these light sources and only then “reshape” the  interior.

As you can see, the loft is filled both, horizontally and vertically. From the kitchen one has direct access to the bedroom, through a white minimalist staircase. In fact, minimalism is definitely defining this interior. The bedroom (with the bathroom underneath) can be easily distinguished through shades of spectral light. The special lights (like vertical lamps) have been installed right between the kitchen and the bedroom/bathroom. When needed, you can lit the space with yellow lights that contrast with the rest of the house. “The apartment is designed in a simple and neutral expression, without color or particular detail, annihilating any architectural expressiveness or narrative to leave only the logic of composition generated by light.”