We’ve seen plenty of peculiar things that actually turn out to be quite useful but we’ve never seen anything like this before! Amusing, functional and well, let’s face it, elegant, Bog Standard is an oak toilet seat with a built-in toilet paper holder. In other words, a clever and ingenious accessory that adds a touch of fun to your bathroom. Ok, maybe “elegant” isn’t the right word to use when describing a toilet seat, after all. Anyway, the surprising and intriguing accessory was designed as a joke, an experiment to see “how the mechanics of humour can be used to improve everyday objects”. The mastermind behind the project is Henry Franks, a product designer based in Oxford, United Kingdom. 

“By placing the loo roll at the front it becomes a clean handle for people to pick the seat up with and is arguable where you want the loo roll in the first place.”  Bog Standard is practical and it manages to put a smile on the user’s face. The idea behind this less common “object of décor” is that the everyday products are supposed to be fun.