H2o+Co2 Design sent us photos and information about a modern house design they recently completed in Taipei, Taiwan. The owner who works in the fashion industry wanted to have a home with unique and personal features. After discussing these needs, the designers reduced partition walls to a minimum level to break the independent spatial pattern and to make the space layers brighter and more transparent. By combing the living room, study, open kitchen, bar and dining area, a strong dialogue between people and space was created.

Here is more from the architects: “Because the height of the beam was too low, we used the concept of diamond faces for the ceilings, in order to create a zero- oppressive space. We wanted the owner to enjoy a feeling of openness in this crowed city through the ceiling design, which shows low-key but extraordinary beauty. The back-end of the hallway was inspired by Tadao Ando’s work Church of Light”. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by H2o+Co2 Design]