There’s a large number of buildings with a long standing tradition in Kufstein, but only few of them are subjected to modern architectural experiments. When we first saw the Schillerstraße  high school, we perceived it as …a peculiar landmark of the city and we couldn’t stop wondering what exactly lead the architects to this interesting concept? To understand where our dilemma comes from, we dare you to take a look at the building and analyze it carefully. As you can see, the perfectly plain surface of the building is “disrupted” by a crinkled wall (a three-dimensional concrete structure), completely transforming it from a dull, unimpressive structure into a very inspiring edifice. This unusual school extension consisting of a crinkled wall was designed completed by Wiesflecker Architecture, together with the  Austrian artist, Karl-Heinz Klopf.

The wall is a metaphor for the uprising generation and it represents the academic growth and the intense process of testing ideas. Just like when you write down on paper a thought and then you suddenly realize that something even better came to your mind. You crumple the paper and throw it away and you are ready to start over. The intriguing new addition contrasts with the neat and smooth street-side façade and it connects the original school, built in 1907, with the surrounding site. [Photo credit: Daniel Schreyer].