This modern residence located in Greenwich, Australia, was designed by VOLPATOHATZ SA to replace an old dwelling from the forties. The client’s request was to maintain the house’s orientation, due to the fact that it provided some of the most spectacular views of the bay. The upper floor was completely transformed from a dull living area with a view into an open space living room, airy and bright, providing to the owners a totally different “inhabitable” experience, spiced up with a noticeable high level of comfort.

The interior of the house conveys a feeling of open space, keeping the inhabitants permanently connected to the outdoor. The ground floor accommodates simple bedrooms with vertical storage areas. A wonderful home library was included in the new plan. Known as the “official” corner of relaxation, this simple and stylish home library/ study area is definitely a paradise (of knowledge) for any book lover. On top of that, the new structure was designed with sustainability in mind. “The project incorporates advanced systems for efficiency including a bespoke rainwater tank below the deck, solar evacuated tubing panels providing hot water and hydraulic in-slab heating and a landscaped roof above the ground level study.” [Photo credit: Richard Glover]