Cascading down a hill in Beverly Hills, California, Laurel Way Residence can easily be mistaken for an exotic holiday resort. Whipple Russell Architects wanted to achieve an unconventional design, where “each room or space should be a jewel box, an individually conceived, precisely functional and dramatic sensory experience with its own depth of architecture”. Marc Whipple’s signature elements are present throughout, such as the use of contrasting textures and glass reflecting water. 

According to the architects, “the immediate experience upon entering the house is its inherent weightlessness – the sense that the walls appear to float as panels and you are always connected to the outdoors. This is achieved with adherence to precise symmetry of beams, support panels, tiles, and sightlines, and also that walls do not meet the ceilings – a half-inch gap is left that helps achieve the effect”. Some of the most striking features of Laurel Way Residence include a 14 ft. wood pivot entry door flanked entirely by glass, a Master Suite opening up towards an expansive terrace with Jacuzzi tub, a home theater, a 5-car garage and a zero edge Infinity Pool. [Photography: William MacCollum]