With its surreal-breathtaking landscape, with its music, historic cities and villages nestled in the Alps, Austria is the perfect place to live a tranquil and joyful life. Bohemian, traditional and lovely, Austria’s lands accommodate some of the most fairytale-like dwellings you’ve ever seen. In the picturesque region of Wagrain, we’ve identified a pretty interesting home, an elongated wooden box house, that seamlessly integrates into the landscape. With a triangular roof, a uniform wooden exterior and a spacious green courtyard, the Emberger Residence, for this is the name of project that caught our attention, was designed by LP Architektur.

Envisioned as a warm living environment, a place that offers you comfort and safety and of course, some of the most exclusive views of the mountains and the valley, the Emberger Residence appears as a wooden structure strengthened with concrete. Despite its traditional aspect, it was built using modern materials. The two levels accommodate a social area, the bedrooms, a kitchenette and a room for the kids to play. [Photo credit: Volker Wortmeyer]