We truly appreciate the originality of the “Lounge Chair Opper”, especially created by Grégoire de Lafforest for Galerie Gosserez in Paris. The unconventional seating unit is composed of two contrasting elements. Inspired by motorcycle saddles from the 70?s, the quilted curving leather seat above offers a feeling of comfort and a refined aesthetic. Its curving lines act as an open invite to relaxation. Surprisingly enough, the other “half” of the design is a Carrara marble base, connecting to the high back seat.

By joining a light leather surface with a rough marble support, the designer achieved an interesting visual contrast, with no compromises in elegance. The overall seating unit resembles a set of balancing weights and lines. The central axis of the seat is highlighted by changes in color. One unexpected practical feature that we enjoyed is the existance of storage space inside the supporting marble cube. Its hollow interior allows users to place a set of three cushions inside for safe keeping. [Photography: Jérome Galland]