Discovered on Flodeau, Agorà is an elegant collection of harmoniously shaped aluminum radiators that miraculously can change the décor of any room. Designed by the talented Nicola De Ponti for TUBES,  these unusual items evoke a classic sophistication and complement the meandering architecture of the ancient Greeks. The beguiling design of these  heaters blends seamlessly with different types of environments, from very traditional to minimalist interiors. “The two distinctive features of Agorà are the three-dimensional modularity and plasticity of shape, which confirm a design approach strongly focused on innovation. The sinuous lines speak the language of contemporary design yet proceed through memory recall.”

Aiming to become the focal point of contemporary living, the Agorà radiators are all about precision and harmony. They come in different sizes and colours, but there’s one thing that unites and groups them under the same collection: the authentic Greek sophistication brilliantly exposed through details: shapes, curves, lines. Playing an aesthetic role as well as a functional one, these sleek sources of heat are an excellent choice for an uplifting contemporary lifestyle.