The Westgate Residence is a 1948 house located in Brentwood (California), recently renovated by Kurt Krueger Architect, a design centered architectural practice based in Los Angeles. The owners, a retired couple wanted a place that disconnects them from the past and connects them to the modern lifestyle. The impeccable new uplifting design is like a breath of fresh air. It makes use of new materials and it enhances the feeling of openness. “Situated near a fairly busy street intersection with an abundance of foot traffic, the challenge was to create a peaceful dwelling from an existing building shell. Because the home owners are a retired couple, ease of function and overall practicality were just as important as the overall design. Our mission was to seamlessly blend these requirements in a seamless and poetic way.”

The interior of Westgate Residence is gorgeous: tastefully decorated, the rooms communicate one with another. The house has only one floor (the ground floor), to make circulation throughout the house as easy as possible. Like we previously mentioned, the owners are a retired couple who sought comfort and practicality in the new design. As you can see, wood plays a special role in the new design: from Douglas Fir wood to walnut wood, wood makes the place look very comfy, elegant and welcoming. The living environment is also very connected to the outdoor. Large glass panels with wooden frames facilitate the penetration of light and open up to the courtyard. Small fountains (water elements) add a sense of tranquility, reducing also the sound of street traffic.