Creative Group G-DESIGN recently completed a modern studio apartment located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The main objective of the project developers was to create a spacious, bright and sleek interior in an area of ??120 square meters. without the place feeling overloaded with decorating elements. At the request of the customer, a series of unconventional niches were built, with the possibility of lighting in red, green and blue. This means the inhabitants can manipulate the “color” and mood of each room, which is conveniently done through a remote control.

The apartment exudes a minimalist appearance throughout, its modern elegance being emphasized by a variety of textures. As you step inside, a curving hallway with hidden storage space on the sides leads the way to the living room. This open plan social area is chromatically split in three functional zones: lounge space, dining and kitchen. Have a look at this studio apartment in details and let us know if you would feel comfortable in this modern Russian crib.