Presented at London Design Festival, this year, the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair are two new pieces designed by the very talented Philipp Von Hase. We’ve spotted these two projects on design-milk and we decided to share them with you, for they really managed to attract our attention and conquer us with their expressive simplicity. His work is mainly influenced by the Norwegian life and culture. The Spire Table and the Trialog Chair are both, beautifully crafted by hand.

Made of walnut and maple wood, the Spire table looks like a giant seed, with a porcelain bowl in the middle of it. Since it’s a three-legged “plantable”, we do appreciate the creative approach, that of transforming a regular table into an object that compliments the plant (a plant-shelter). “It is designed for a seed center in Bergen where you can learn about seeds, consume and swap seeds.”

The Trialog Chair is a less conventional furniture item, highly ergonomic, that has the ability to change the décor of an entire room with its striking design. “Philipp noticed that when sitting in conventional chairs we often sink into the seat and don’t know where naturally to put our arms and hands. With this in mind he set out to create a chair that encourages a more upright posture – something that is both healthy and helpful for improving body language in social settings.”