The “Atmosphere” project by ALL in | Studio – a small and flexible studio for architecture, interior and product design in Bulgaria- revolves around the concept of LIGHT. According to the project developer, “light influences our well-being, the aesthetic effect and the mood of a room or area. Light can alter the appearance of a room or area without physically changing it. Light directs our view, influences perception and draws our attention to specific details. Light can be used to divide and interpret rooms in order to emphasize areas or establish continuity between the interior and exterior”. The designer’s mission was to set three different sets of lightning (three “SCENES”) and show how with one interior and different lighting, you can feel in different ways:

#SCENE “On Line”
The apartment is in standby mode for most needs the inhabitants may have when they return home. The lighting in all areas is evenly, working circles are placed on the ceiling and spots near the walls. Heating and ventilation are also active. The curtains are raised and the external environment is also part of the atmosphere.

#SCENE “Fine Line”
In this configuration, the apartment is in the power saving mode, rotating accent spots from the ceiling are turned on as well as concealed lighting. Multimedia is available to enhance the relaxing atmosphere. This setting is ideal for recreational environment (television, books) and a digestif in the company of close friends.

#SCENE “Air line”
Here the lighting has a specific function. Large marble wall paneling is illuminated in the living room, spots over the kitchen island, hidden lighting and lamps hanging over the table. Multimedia is active and the speakers play classical music. Suitable for both expressive cooking and the family gathering around the table.  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by architect Pavel Yanev]