One of the Australia’s brightest architects, Andrew Maynardan, designed this elegant and compact single-family residence located on the Moor Street, in Fitzroy (one of Melbourne’s suburbs). The new house, kept some of its old characteristics, such as the street façade, the original brick terrace and an old Japanese maple tree (located in the courtyard). Andrew’s projects are unique inhabitable spaces, decorated with style and taste. In his design projects, he uses a diversity of materials and his youthful creative mind to come up with the most convenient solutions for the clients and their homes.

The house with a Japanese maple tree integrates in its structure two box-like volumes on the upper floor, accommodating the bedrooms. The inhabitable space opens to the courtyard, receiving more light. The new design completely transforms the old house into a cosy and welcoming living space. The team responsible with the project payed attention to several details, from elements that could have increased the comfort to the dialogue between space and level through the Japanese maple. Glass panels were added (replacing some of the walls), for the inhabitants to connect themselves to their special tree. [Photo credit: Peter Bennetts ]