Humberto Conde has recently completed the Parede 11 project, a modern residence located in the countryside, in Portugal. The exquisite home, which seems a little bit “cramped” by other traditional dwellings surrounding it, was smartly built to enhance the feeling of space. Before building it, there were the following notes, worth paying attention to: “The new building should promote a dialogue between the surrounding area by a language of contrast in its image and shape regarding all the spatial articulation principles that mark the adjacent building  – as well as by the used construction details, such as window openings, metric of the facades and visual relation with the exterior.”

Elongated and with a particularly thin configuration, the house features an impeccable all-white façade and a white interior. The windows are covered by shutters, for  a more private living environment. The shutters open easily when needed. The back of the house accommodates a relaxing terrace with a swimming pool. The house features three floors, with the living room, dining area and kitchen on the ground floor. The living room provides unobstructed views of the courtyard. Neat and airy, the interior is characterised by simplicity, inspiring peace and tranquility. It boasts long longitudinal corridors, elegantly-luscious white furniture and simple decorations. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, isn’t it? [Photo credit: FG + SG]