Located on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an interesting residential project characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey house, completed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lush vegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and moreover, it besieges the interior of it also. Nature becomes part of the interior living environment. Casa Cachalotes is envisioned as a stylish modern dwelling suitable for a disabled person and his family. Every detail, from design to practicality, mattered. “The concept of the house was looking for a functional integration, structural and formal, with a simple modulation responding to the program. The proposed materials synthesized warmth and formal language of the project, creating a comfortable home.”

The living room features high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Permanently lit, the social area, located in one of the house’s two volumes, is the perfect place to gather the family and spend quality time together. The living room offers unobstructed views of the courtyard and it looks like being extended outside through an open space area, accommodating the terrace and a summer kitchen. Small green gardens decorate the interior. An interesting experience for the inhabitants, who don’t need to go outside to take a breath of fresh air. The place is well-lit and naturally ventilated.