This exquisite dwelling, located  on the Columbia River in Washington, is the home of a young family that has an appreciation for modern architecture. The River House, for this is the name of the project, was designed by McClellan Architects as a weekend retreat, a place where the family gathers and spends quality time together, away from the city. With fantastic views over the adjacent river and with a warm and spacious interior, the residence inspires tranquility, inviting you to disconnect from all your problems and leave behind the negative thoughts. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the place, for the house itself it’s strongly connected with the surroundings, being encompassed by fresh greenery. 

The interior exhales warmth. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the feeling of space, allowing you to move freely from one corner of the house to another. The fancy interior is the result of an inspired mix of two different styles: rustic and elegant. The view is simply spectacular, especially during the fall season, when the entire nature changes its garments and the leaves begin their ordinary autumnal parade. [Photo credit: Patrick Barta]